Full Spectrum LED

                           Full Spectrum Light

This is our Infrared and Ultra Violet light, if you have a full spectrum camera, this is the perfect compliment to your camera. It consists of five infrared and six ultra violet lights,it is a custom light and i only use the brightest UV light available.. It runs on one 9 volt battery and usually lasts around four hours. Why does ours only last four hours? With this light there was a lot of trial and error and unlike other lights out there, we sacrificed and wanted a brighter light rather than longer battery life. If you are looking to purchase one of these great lights, ” As always we strive to make better equipment below are a couple of pictures using our Illuminator,they were taken with the Full Spectrum Camera. As Seen On SYFY’s New Show “Ghost Mine” 

Price $55.00 plus 5.00 shipping

This was taken at Hillview Manor,as you can see our Illuminator really lights up this long hall..